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The age of the contestant will be based on her age as of June 1, 2016. Contestants must be a resident of Kentucky.


Little Miss

Tiny Miss Division- Age 3-5  

Mini Miss Division- Age 6-8    



Petite Miss Division- Age 9 -10  

Junior Miss Division- Age 11- 13 year old (that are not eligible for the Miss Kentucky Outstanding Teen Pageant).


*A winner in each age division will be crowned, with one overall winner in the Little Miss and Pre-Teen division.  The overall winner will have her registration paid to compete in Little Miss or Pre-Teen Kentucky in June. They must be a resident of Kentucky.


Private Interview: (Pre-Teens only!) The judges will have an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the contestant.  Scoring will be based on overall first impression, confidence, personality, appearance, attractiveness, speech, vocabulary and grammar. The contestant will enter the room and be introduced to the judges by the Judges Chair. Each contestant will stand behind the podium or desk during the interview. The total time in the interview room is 4 minutes. Interview questions could be based upon the following: fact sheet, school experiences, talent and any questions relevant to her age. The contestant attire should be "Sunday Best", not overly dressy but not casual and age appropriate.


Beauty: The beauty portion of the competition is included in the entry fee and includes dress, casual wear and on-stage question. This is a Natural-- No Glitz Pageant. In dress, contestants should choose age appropriate attire. The dress should not overpower the child. The length and material of the dress are the contestant's choice. Jeweled embellishments (such as sequins, rhinestones, pearls, beading, bugle beads, etc.) ARE allowed on the dress. No midriffs should be shown by contestants. 


Casual Wear: In casual wear, the outfit chosen should be age appropriate and show the personality of the contestant. Attire should be something the girl would wear to school, to the movies or out with friends. Jeweled embellishments are allowed in casual wear. The onstage question will be asked during the casual wear competition.  Although some makeup is allowed, it should be kept to a minimum.  These contestants are children and thus should look like children. NO hairpieces are allowed. Beauty is judged on natural beauty, modeling, stage presence, speaking ability and attire. All contestants must compete in this category.  CASUAL OUTFITS MUST FOLLOW THEME. Little Miss need to dress in a rock and roll inspired outfit. Preteen will need to dress in a Country Inspired Outfit.  AN ON STAGE QUESTION WILL BE ASKED DURING CASUAL WEAR.


Photogenic: The fee to enter this category is $10.00 and IS NOT included in the entry fee. You may submit one 5x7 or 8x10 color or black and white photo. NO DIGITALLY ALTERED (glitz) photos will be accepted. The photos should be age appropriate and contestants should look their age. Photos are judged on natural beauty, print, quality and personality. Photos are due by March 25, 2016. This is an optional category.


Talent: The Little Miss fee to enter this category is $20.00. (This part of the competition is optional for Little Miss contestants.) For Pre-Teen this fee is included in the entry fee. The talent must be no longer than 2 minutes. Attire for the talent should compliment your talent choice. Jeweled embellishments are allowed in talent. Talent is judged on costume, entertainment value, stage presence, degree of difficulty and overall performance. This is an optional category for the Little Miss contestants but is required for the Pre-Teen contestants.  CD’s are due by March 25, 2016 and cannot be brought the day of the pageant. Please note, the music must be on a CD to be compatible with our sound system. NO PROPS ARE ALLOWED!


AD SALES: Each contestant is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to sell a minimum of 1 full page of ads. The contestant selling the most pages of ads will receive the Miss Cover Girl award.  In addition to a trophy, she will have her photo placed on the cover of the Program Book. Full page ads will be $100.00, half page ads will be $60.00, and quarter page ads will be $ 30.00. Individual ads may be broken up. Partially filled pages may be submitted. Ad sales are due by March 25, 2016.  Printer required lay-out for ads will be sent at a later date. The program book will be printed in black and white, so ads may be submitted in black and white or in color.


Additional Area of Competition:

The Crowd Favorite Award will be determined by the audience.  Each contestant will have a bucket with her picture attached in the lobby, as well as online voting to be posted March 30, 2016.   Members of the audience vote by placing change in the bucket of their favorite contestant. The contestant with the most money in the end wins.  All money collected for Crowd favorite will be used for scholarships. The winner of this award will receive a trophy and additional prizes. There will be one winner in the Miss, Teen, Pre-Teen and Little Miss Division.



Ellie Bright

2015 Little Miss Ohio Valley

1ru Little Miss Kentucky


Hannah Martin

2016 Preteen Miss Ohio Valley

2016 Junior Miss Kentucky

Photo Courtesy of The Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization

Pay by PayPal

Pay Little Miss Entry Fee $50.00

Pay Little Miss Talent Fee $20.00

Pay Preteen Entry Fee $75.00

Pay Photogenic Fee $10.00



March 25, 2016